From Quantum Physics to Cosmology

As we are drawn inevitably towards the unification of Quantum Mechanics & General Relativity, the gap between the intellectual and the mystic is likewise closing. My book Quanta to Cosmos explores the hard science along with the practical and metaphysical inferences.

Birth Pangs of the Universe  -  Click to read the details below.

The Objective Mind  -  Part I

Using practical analogies and examples, the first part of Quanta to Cosmos infuses the hard science with context. By giving context, life is breathed into the science and this opens the door to the natural sense of wonder and awe that is missing in most scientific writing. Topics covered include: The Big Bang, String Theory, Quantum Gravity, Entanglement, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes, We are Stardust, and many more. This isn't light reading, but you needn't be an astrophysicist to understand - there are few equations in the book.

Birth Pangs of the Universe

From an infinitesimal, incomprehensible void erupted a cataclysm of such intensity and heat that it can scarcely be imagined. However, the birth pangs of the universe went unheard and unseen because sound, light, and matter did not yet exist. The irony is that the 'Big Bang' was actually unbelievably small and completely silent - it didn't even make a single flash of light. The intensity of the explosion was so great that for the briefest of moments, only energy itself existed. In this moment the four distinct, fundemental forces which have shaped every detail of our universe over the last 14 billion years were unified as a singular force. In this moment everything in the universe was in contact - every single thing was entangled with every other thing that was ever to be throughout the entire future of the universe.