From Quantum Physics to Cosmology

As we are drawn inevitably towards the unification of Quantum Mechanics & General Relativity, the gap between the intellectual and the mystic is likewise closing. My book Quanta to Cosmos explores the hard science along with the practical and metaphysical inferences.

The Quantum Observer  -  Part III

The final section of Quanta to Cosmos is about the 'observer' in quantum experiments and its role in our daily lives. On the scale of the very small, it is proven that simply observing an experiment affects the outcome; the most famous example is the double-slit experiment. It has also been shown that conscious will can affect physical reality - the quantum observer may very well be the mechanism by which this occurs.

The eternal consciousness that is the observer that collapsed the probability wave function that made the Big Bang into a physical reality, is as close as science will ever be to defining God.